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Dental Emergency − Tulsa & Sand Springs OK

Dr. Justin Emami on helping a patient who is in pain or having discomfort Read Transcript

Dental emergencies happen. Both Galleria of Smiles locations are here for you in the case you need us. Visit Dr. Justin Emami at our new Tulsa, OK dental office, or Dr. M. Emami can care for you and your family at our original Sand Springs, OK dentist office.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

If you’re experiencing any kind of tooth or gum pain, you’re likely having a dental emergency. Some common unexpected issues our top-notch Sand Springs, OK dentist at Galleria of Smiles has treated our patients for are:

  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A toothache
  • A tooth that is broken or chipped
  • A tooth that is fractured or cracked
  • Painful swelling or gum soreness

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

The first thing to do is call Galleria of Smiles:

One of our team members will book a same-day appointment to get you treated as quickly as possible. If you reach us after hours, we have a nurse service that will take your call until 8 p.m. and guide you through what steps you should take until you can come by our office in the morning.

How To Avoid Dental Emergencies

There’s often not much you can do to avoid dental emergencies, but there are a few precautions you can take.

  • Regular dental cleanings and dental exams help us stay on top of your dental health issues, so we can often stop an infection before it spreads or fill a cavity before it becomes painful.
  • Athletic mouthguards protect your mouth and your teeth against sudden impacts during physical activities. Many a sports injury has been avoided with an athletic mouthguard custom made by Galleria of Smiles.

Give us a call at our Sand Springs, OK dentist office in Sand Springs at (918) 245-5976 or at our dental office in Tulsa at (918) 496-8010 to learn more about how Galleria of Smiles can be by your side when life throws dental emergencies your way.