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5 Cosmetic Services To Create Confidence In Your Smile

March 16th, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

Who has the best smile of all the people that you know? Which celebrities do you think have great smiles?

Now, what do they have in common? Do they have straight teeth? White teeth?

That may be the case, but often they have something else. They have a confident smile.

When someone feels comfortable with his or her smile, that person often feels at ease sharing it with other people. Now ask yourself, how confident are you in your smile?

Our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK, can’t answer that question for you. However, our team does offer cosmetic services that could boost your confidence in your smile.

If you are interested in learning what cosmetic dentistry can do, schedule a consultation at Galleria of Smiles. Call us or contact us online.

Who knows? You might show up on someone else’s list of people with a great smile, too.

Five Ways You Could Change Your Smile

One of the great things about cosmetic dentistry is that is can be used to make a variety of changes.

And at Galleria of Smiles, we offer a number of options that can help you change the appearance of your smile. When you talk to Dr. Emami about the changes you would like to make, you might want to keep these options in mind.

1. Teeth Whitening

We know you have seen the teeth whitening products at the store. You may have even tried a few of them. But if you want a truly bright, white smile, nothing beats the power of professional teeth whitening products.

At Galleria of Smiles, you have the options of three KöR and Opalescence are whitening solutions that can lift deep stains from your teeth. We also offer laser teeth whitening. This in-office treatment combines hydrogen peroxide with a dental laser, and it can produce dramatic improvements to the color of your teeth.

2. Dental veneers

In terms of versatility, dental veneers are hard to beat. Dental veneers don’t change your teeth as much as they conceal your natural teeth.

Veneers are bonded to the front of your smile to change its appearance. Veneers can hide discolored teeth, and it can disguise chipped or worn-down teeth. Veneers can be used to close gaps between teeth or to make crowded teeth look like they are parallel to one another.

In other words, dental veneers can make your teeth look straight, white, and whole again.

3. Dental crowns

Often these are considered to be restorative in nature, but dental crowns can provide cosmetic benefits as well.

For patients with a short tooth, a misshapen tooth, or a discolored tooth, a dental crown can help that tooth blend in better with the rest of your smile.

4. Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics are often done for a variety of reasons, but one of them is clearly to improve the appearance of your smile.

One of our most popular orthodontic options is Invisalign®. This treatment uses aligners (which are similar to mouthguards) made of transparent plastic to push your teeth in stages. Many people prefer this to wearing brackets and wires.

Although, we also offer Six Month Smiles and more traditional orthodontic treatments as well.

Orthodontics can be used to correct crooked teeth, close gaps, add space between crowded teeth, and fix overbites, underbites, and other bit issues.

5. Gum reshaping

It’s hard to define exactly when a smile is considered “gummy.” In many ways, that is up to you do decide. If you feel your gum tissue it more prominent than you would like, however, we can help.

Through gum reshaping, we can remove some of your gum tissue so your teeth are more visible when you do smile. This is another time when we may use a dental laser to perform a precise procedure.

Combine Services In A Smile Makeover

In some cases, different kinds of cosmetic dentistry can be used together to create a completely new smile. For instance, many patients will follow orthodontic care with professional teeth whitening so their smiles look their best.

During your consultation at our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK, we will listen to your goals. We will examine your mouth, and together we can develop a plan to give you the confident smile you want to see in the mirror.

To get started with an appointment, call us or contact us online.

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