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Defend Your Teeth With An Athletic Mouthguard

December 9th, 2016 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

It is that time of year again. That time when people flock to area basketball gyms or wrestling rooms across the country. At every event, young athletes are putting everything they have into performing to the best of their abilities.

During these sporting events, there are bodies flying all over the place. Some sports (football and wrestling, especially) have more bodies flying than others, but regardless of the sport, there is a distinct danger to teeth. Athletic mouthguards  are one way prevent dental injuries, and safeguard your child’s smile. Playing the sports they love is one of the joys of life

With over 30 years serving the people in the greater Tulsa, OK community, Dr. Justin and Mehrdad Emami want to make sure that your child and their smile are as protected as possible. Galleria of Smiles is working with Union High School in Tulsa, OK to help safeguard student-athletes’ smiles as we speak.


What is a Mouthguard?

Athletic mouthguards a preventive dentistry device, and are exceedingly common in today’s sports world. In the past, you would only see mouthguards on the football field or in the boxing ring. Today, you find them everywhere. From Steph Curry chewing his signature mouthguard in between plays on the hardwood to soccer greats like Hope Solo flashing hers while she defends the goal at the Olympics, mouthguards are literally in every sport.

The common athletic mouthguard fits over the top row of your teeth. They are made out of a smooth polymer and protect your teeth from damage while on the field or court. The custom mouthguards from Galleria of Smiles are molded to fit perfectly over your child’s teeth, giving them a secure fit that lets them play their chosen sport without a second thought as to the safety of their smile.


3 Benefits of Athletic Mouthguards

There are many benefits to be had from wearing our custom athletic mouthguards. Preventing any injury to your child’s smile is the main job of a custom athletic mouthguard from Galleria of Smiles. Here are the three ways they are able to do that.

• Protect Your Teeth From The Outside – The smooth polymer that our custom athletic mouthguard is made from will shield your child’s teeth from the outside dangers while they are playing. This can be a ball to the face, a right hook for those boxers among us, or a headbutt from another player during a basketball game or wrestling match. Whatever the sport, a mouthguard is what keeps your child’s teeth safe from everything their opponents are sending their way.

• Protect Your Lips From The Inside – As much as mouthguards protect your child’s teeth from the outside, they also protect your child’s lips from the inside. The mouthguard gives your lips a smooth, continuous surface behind them. This way, when they get hit in the mouth, instead of their teeth injuring their lips, all they have is a little swelling to deal with. Without a mouthguard, they may have their teeth puncture their lips during the game. This may require stitches or some other form of medical aid to fix. It is just better for your child and their smile to wear one of our custom mouthguards.

• Protect Your Teeth From Each Other – The dangers that are facing your child’s smile come not only from the outside in. There are plenty of dangers inside your child’s mouth as well, 32 of them to be exact. Your child’s mouth contains 32 teeth (give or take a few), and every one of them is a danger to the others while they  are playing. An athletic mouthguard makes sure that their teeth do not contact each other while they are giving their all to win the game. The enamel on your teeth is as hard as concrete, and when you grind your teeth together while you are straining during the game, you may chip or crack your other teeth. Mouthguards help shield your child’s teeth during the game and let them give their all without injuring their smile.


Mouthguards and Concussions

Besides the obvious dental benefits of wearing an athletic mouthguard, there are some cognitive benefits as well. Concussions are a real danger to our patients who play sports, and a mouthguard from Galleria of Smiles may help to lessen the likelihood of your child suffering from one. 

The mouthguard takes the forces that are exerted on the player’s head and spreads them across the whole of the dental arch. This acts like a type of shock absorber and helps you absorb the impact without dealing with a concussion later on. It is important to note that they do not eliminate concussions, but they do help.

Remember, before you hit the field, track, or court, pop in your custom Galleria of Smiles mouthguard. It just may mean the difference between a win for your team and your smile, or a dental injury that puts your smile in danger.

Contact either of our two area locations to find out how you can get your custom athletic mouthguard today. Call our Tulsa location at (918) 496-8010 or our Sand Springs office at (918) 245-5976.

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