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Some Dental Problems Do Require Tooth Removal

September 1st, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

We hope that you keep all your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Yet, we also know that tooth removal is sometimes necessary for the sake of your oral health.

At Galleria of Smiles, we will do everything we can to save your natural teeth, but we are prepared to perform tooth extractions when necessary. Today, we want to discuss some of the reasons you may need a tooth taken out.

If you are experiencing the problems mentioned below, we welcome you to call our Sand Springs, OK, dentist office (918) 245-5976 or to contact us online to schedule an appointment soon.


➤ Dental Trauma

Accidents and injuries happen almost every day, and unfortunately, many of those accidents damage teeth.

You could break a tooth or teeth as a result of a fall, of running into something or someone else, or of being struck with a flying object such as a ball. You also could crack a tooth by biting into the wrong thing, such as an olive pit or an unpopped kernel of popcorn.

Now, a broken or cracked tooth may not have to be removed. In many cases, a dental crown will be sufficient to repair the tooth and restore its function. In other cases, a root canal treatment may be recommended, but that too is a way to save the tooth rather than to remove it.

When the break or crack is so severe or a that the tooth can’t be restored, then an extraction would be preferred.


➤ Severe Infection

Tooth decay is one of the most common and the most treatable oral health issues. At the same time, if it goes untreated for too long, it can severely weaken your tooth to a point where it can no longer be saved.

Prevention is always the best approach, but more than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity in their lives. Regular dental exams can identify decay early, when a dental filling is likely the only treatment you will need. Even if the decay gets worse, often a dental crown or a root canal will be enough to remove the infection and preserve what’s left of the tooth.

The longer you allow the decay to spread, the more likely it is to weaken the structure of the tooth to a point where it cannot be saved. We encourage you to seek treatment as soon as you notice a potential problem so you can avoid the need for this kind of tooth extraction.


➤ Crowding

Crowding can affect anyone, but it’s often a concern when someone is about to undergo orthodontic care, such as braces or Invisalign®.

Sometimes, this treatment can reposition teeth to resolve this problem. At other times, the crowding is an obstacle to effective orthodontic care. In those circumstance, a tooth or multiple teeth may need to be removed before you begin your treatment.


Tooth Replacement Is Important As Well

If you do need a tooth removed because of trauma or a severe infection, we strongly recommend that you have it replaced as soon as possible.

When a tooth is missing it can lead to other problems. One potential problem is drifting. This is when nearby teeth drift into the empty space in your smile. This can affect your smile, but also your bite, which may make it more difficult to bite and chew.

When you are missing a tooth, it also can increase your risk for further tooth loss.

By replacing your extracted tooth with a dental implant and a dental crown, you will be restoring the function of your tooth and the appearance of your smile. You also will be doing something to prevent drifting and to reduce the likelihood of further tooth loss.


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