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Four People Who Could Use A Dental Crown

April 13th, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

We would love it if no one ever needed a dental crown.

That would mean no one had chipped or broken teeth. That would mean that no one had cracked teeth. And that would no one had any missing teeth.

That would be nice … but it’s not likely.

That’s why Dr. M. Emami and the team at our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK, is ready to help you get your smile back on track. And many times we can do it with our same-day dental crowns.

Below you will find four examples of patients who could use a dental crown to restore their smiles (and more). While none of the people we are about to describe are real people, the situations could happen to anyone.

If after reading about these problems, you think a dental crown could help you, call or contact us online to  make an appointment.

▶︎ Perry Vs. The Olive Pit

Perry loves olives … or he thought he did. While making a salad one day, he tossed a half-dozen olives into the bowl.

Perry thought he had removed all the pits. He found out that he hadn’t the hard way (no pun intended).

By biting into the pit, Perry cracked part of a tooth, and the pain did more than take away his appetite.

Fortunately, he was able to make an appointment at Galleria of Smiles, where we could alleviate his pain and design a dental crown for him in a single visit. Perry’s crown looks just like the rest of his teeth, and it works just as well, too. (We still recommend checking for pits before biting into another olive, however.)


▶︎ Sandy Vs. Softball (Sort Of)

Ever since she was little, Sandy has loved playing softball. She played in high school, and she even played on an intramural team in college. Today, she is the starting second baseman for her company team.

In last week’s game, things took a turn for the worse while she was tracking down a pop-up. Sandy was so focused on the ball that she didn’t see Steve coming the other way. Right after she made the catch, she and Steve collided.

Sandy held onto the ball, but one of her teeth broke in the process.

This was another case where a same-day dental crown restored her smile.


▶︎ Larry Vs. A Ladder

Larry may be retired, but he’s working harder than ever thanks to his wife’s honey-do list.

After cleaning out the gutters as part of his spring cleaning around the house, Larry went inside for something cool to drink. After getting back inside, he realized his wallet was missing.

Larry ran back out to look or it. Because he was distracted, he forgot that he’d left the ladder leaned up against the house. Since he was in more of a rush than he needed to be, he walked/ran face-first into the ladder.

He fell down where he didn’t find his wallet, but he did find something else — one of his teeth.

In Larry’s case, the tooth couldn’t be saved, but he decided to get a tooth replacement instead. After placing a dental implant placed, our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK, was able to attach a dental crown that restored the function of his missing tooth and filled the gap in his smile.


▶︎ Terri Vs. Tooth Decay

Terri didn’t like to floss. Terri also didn’t like going to the dentist. That is a bad combination.

Terri thought all she had to do was brush daily and floss occasionally and everything would be OK. That was before she noticed her teeth felt sensitive when she sipped her morning coffee. That also was before she noticed the dark spot on one of her teeth.

After waiting a bit too long, she made an appointment. If she had come sooner, we may have been able to fix her cavity with a tooth-colored filling. Instead, her tooth decay had eaten away too much of her tooth.

She would need a dental crown for her smile to look right again, and that’s what she got at Galleria of Smiles.


Could You Use A Dental Crown?

As we have shown, dental crowns can be used to repair broken, cracked, and decayed teeth. They can also be used as part of a tooth replacement.

To find out what a dental crown could do for you, call or contact us online to  make an appointment.

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