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Get The Right Kind Of Dental Sedation To Feel Comfortable

April 21st, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles






Every week, we treat patients who struggle with dental anxiety.

For many, nitrous oxide or oral sedation are enough. For others, we need something stronger, which is why at Galleria of Smiles we also offer IV sedation.

We want everyone to have a healthy mouth. We also want everyone to feel comfortable when they are in one of our dentist chairs. IV sedation allows that to happen, even for patients with severe dental anxiety or patients undergoing complicated procedures.

To learn more about IV sedation or our other sedation options, call (918) 245-5976 to reach our dentist office in Sand Springs or contact us online.


Why We Offer IV Sedation

Many dentist offices offer sedation dentistry, but few offer IV sedation. So, why is this something we think is important?

As we mentioned above, some patients have more severe dental anxiety than others. We also treat patients in need of complicated treatments. IV sedation gives us greater control to keep them sedated throughout that procedure.

In order to offer IV sedation, dentists must complete rigorous training, demonstrate their understanding in a clinical setting, and obtain the necessary permits. To us, this was a way for our dentist, like Dr. M. Emami, to provide an additional service to our patients

We don’t want any patient to feel any pain. IV sedation helps us do just that.


How IV Sedation Compares To Other Sedation Options

First and foremost, IV sedation is our strongest sedation option. This is why we only use it when it is needed.

At the same time, you could argue that it combines some key benefits of our other sedation options.

For example, nitrous oxide takes effect quickly. When a patient inhales this gas, he or she will begin to feel its effects within minutes. While IV sedation is delivered in a different way, you also will feel effects relatively quickly.

Oral sedation is stronger than nitrous oxide. With oral sedation, you swallow a pill, which means it does take longer to take effect. However, those effects are stronger and longer-lasting, which makes it easier to undergo more complex treatments.

IV sedation also provides a powerful effect, but it is different from oral sedation in an important way. With IV sedation, Dr. Emami can adjust the sedation level during the procedure to make sure you are receiving the right amount at all times.

With that said, it can take a few hours for the effects of IV sedation (and oral sedation) to wear off. You must arrange for someone else to take you home if you receive this kind of sedation at our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK.


Some Reasons You May Want IV Sedation

Severe dental anxiety is one possible reason, but even patients who are not generally anxious can benefit from IV sedation at times. Here are some examples of when we many recommend it:

► Same Day Smiles — This is a way to restore and replace missing teeth in one day. With a same-day smile procedure, you would receive your dental implants (replacements for the roots of your missing teeth) and a set of temporary dentures in a single visit to our office.

► Implant Therapy — Even if you aren’t receiving a same-day smile procedure, IV sedation may be the best option for placing your dental implants, particularly if you are receiving multiple implants.

► Oral Surgery — We are glad that we can offer so many treatments at Galleria of Smiles including oral surgery. Bone grafts, gum grafts, ridge augmentations, sinus lifts, and tooth removals are all things we can do with the help of IV sedation.

► Full-mouth reconstruction — This often involves a combination of procedures. You may need teeth removed and replaced with dental implants along with some of the other procedures mentioned to create a new, beautiful smile.


Is IV Sedation Right For You?

IV sedation can be an effective and efficient way to help you get the dental care that you need. Whether you are receiving dental implants or a full-mouth reconstruction, IV sedation can keep you comfortable.

And if you suffer from severe dental anxiety, IV sedation can make it possible for you to receive the basic care you need for a healthy mouth.

The best way to find out is to call Galleria of Smiles at 918-245-5976 or to contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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