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Jordan and Her Gum Disease Nightmare, Part 1

December 23rd, 2016 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

There is a very strong temptation to let a problem go and hope it figures itself out. We do this in many areas of life. Whether it is check engine light in your car, a cough that doesn’t seem to want to go away, or even a sore knee or back are all examples of issues that are often overlooked out of a mixture of convenience, fear, and/or indifference.

This happens many times with the signs and symptoms of gum disease. Dr. Justin and Dr. M. Emami are all too familiar with these feelings from their own patients, and hope to help you avoid the complications that are to follow if you don’t take action. Together, they have over 30 years of experience helping the people of the Tulsa area keep their smiles bright and healthy.

Take a look at the cautionary tale of Jordan, and take the advice of your Galleria of Smiles dentists and get help at the first signs of gum disease.

Jordan Has Everything Going For Her

Jordan is a mid-twenties woman who lives in Tulsa, OK. On the surface, she seems to have everything going for her. She has a college degree and the nice office job that goes along with it. She owns a condo in the city and has a reliable car that she rarely drives (thanks to her condo being so close to where she works). All in all, life is pretty good if you are Jordan, but there are areas of her life that need her attention.

When Jordan was growing up, she attended regular dental exams and dental cleanings at Galleria of Smiles. Her smile had been in the care of Dr’s Justin and Mehrdad Emami for years, but once she went off to college, she stopped attending. She was either too busy or didn’t have insurance (CareCredit is a great option if this describes you). By now, it has been years since her teeth were seen by a dentist, and her smile is suffering. Though, the signs are not obvious yet.

Jordan Ignores the Warning Signs

Jordan has a very strong home dental care routine. She is sure to brush each day (most days she brushes in the morning and evening) and does her best to limit the foods that cause dental issues like soda or chewy candies. She doesn’t use mouthwash because she doesn’t like the taste, and she has never been a fan of flossing. These two missing elements (coupled with her lack of professional dental care from Galleria of Smiles) are a big reason why her smile is in danger.

One day, Jordan gets up and starts her morning routine. She showers, and begins brushing her teeth. As she spits, she notices that instead of white foam, the color is more pink. This catches Jordan off guard, so she does a little investigating. What she finds is that her gums are bleeding slightly from the force of her toothbrush.

If Jordan had been up to date on her visits to Galleria of Smiles, she would know that this bleeding is not normal. In fact, this is the beginning symptom of gum disease. The first phase of gum disease is called gingivitis, and it is by far the mildest form of the disease. This also means it is the easiest to treat,  but also very easy to overlook.

Jordan falls into the category of those people that overlook this initial symptom. She figured that she simply brushed too hard that morning, and went on about her day. She has no idea that this is the beginning of a gum disease journey that she could have easily avoided with a simple trip to Galleria of Smiles. Check back next time to find out how Jordan’s decision impacts the health of her smile.

Galleria of Smiles Could’ve Helped Her, and Can Help You

To be as clear as possible, there is no reason (outside of injury or gum disease) that your gums should bleed from a simple brushing. Dr’s Justin and Mehrdad Emami are experts when it comes to diagnosing dental issues, and are able to diagnose your gingivitis. Gingivitis is totally curable, and your gums will be back to healthy in no time with the help of Galleria of Smiles.

With deep dental cleaning and root planing, we can help treat your gingivitis, and get your smile problem free. All gum disease starts out as gingivitis, but gingivitis does not have to progress to full-blown gum disease. Get the care you need at Galleria of Smiles today.

Take care of your smile, and the gums that support it today with a visit to Galleria of Smiles. You can call either of our two area locations to get the care you need.

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