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Jordan and Her Gum Disease Nightmare, Part 3

December 26th, 2016 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

Galleria of Smiles is the premier dental care practice in the Tulsa, OK area. Dr. Justin and Dr. M. Emami have been solving the dental problems of their patients for over 30 years, and are ready to help you as well. Jordan could have had this kind of help from day one of her journey, but she decided to take a different path.

For those that are just coming to the party (so to speak), let’s get you caught up on the situation with Jordan. Jordan has gingivitis. She ignored it at the beginning and now has begun to try and remedy the situation by doing the things she should have been doing all along (mouthwash and flossing). All of this is well and good, but not enough to reverse her slow march towards full-blown gum disease.

The funny (or sad depending on your perspective) is that all of her issues could be solved by simply calling Galleria of Smiles, and scheduling herself for an appointment. This is the one step that she has thus far avoided. She has moved past simply having bleeding gums, and is now dealing with red inflamed gum tissue. Here smile is in real trouble, and she is about to have a real problem on her hands.  


Jordan’s Smile is Getting Worse, and She is Scared

Jordan has become a religious user of mouthwash, but she is still only hit and miss with her flossing. Though she is doing a great job of keeping her teeth clean, her gum tissue is still getting worse. This is because there are plaque and tartar (and the bacteria that comes with them) below her gumline.

This hidden bacteria is the engine that is powering her march towards a ruined smile. She has progressed from gingivitis, and now has full-blown gum disease. She noticed it one day when she was flossing her teeth, and her teeth seemed to be loose. She looked closer and some of her teeth had actually turned and were no longer lined up correctly. This was a total shock to her.

She does some more investigating and she realizes that her smile is in real trouble. Her teeth are loose, shifting, and she can see pockets that have formed between her teeth and the gum tissue. Needless to say, Jordan is in real danger. She has to make a decision that will have a dramatic effect on the future of her smile. Will she make the call to Galleria of Smiles?


Jordan FINALLY Seeks Help, But is it too late?

Yes, she finally calls our Tulsa, OK office. She gets herself an appointment to see Dr. Justin Emami. At her appointment, Dr. Emami goes over her whole smile. He notes that her smile is in real trouble, but is encouraging when it comes to the possibilities. That is one thing you can count on at Galleria of Smiles, we will never quit on you or your smile.

He begins her treatment for gum disease and is able to save the majority of her smile. The deep cleaning has cleared her gums of bacteria, and the root planing is beginning to yield results as far as rebuilding her gum tissue. Now, we said the majority of her smile.

There were some teeth that did not survive past this point in Jordan’s gum disease journey. She lost three teeth due to the damage that her gum disease had done to her gum tissue. Luckily, they are not her front teeth, but they are still causing bite issues for her smile. What is she supposed to do now? Natural teeth don’t grow back, and the last thing that she wants in her twenties is to have a partial denture.

Galleria of Smiles and Dr. Justin Emami have exciting news for Jordan, but you are going to have to come back and read our final installment in this gum disease saga next time.


Galleria of Smiles is There When You Need Us

Whether you seek your help at the beginning of your gum disease journey, or the end, Dr. Justin and Dr. M. Emami are there to help you through your problem. Gum disease is a terrible disease and will take the smile you have. Galleria of Smiles will do what is needed, when it is needed, to keep that from happening.

Call one of our two conveniently located offices today to schedule your appointment. You can reach our Tulsa office at (918) 496-8010 or contact our Sand Springs campus at (918) 245-5976. Your smile is a precious commodity. Don’t let inaction take it away from you.

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