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Jordan and Her Gum Disease Nightmare, Part 4

December 27th, 2016 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

Galleria of Smiles in both Tulsa and Sand Springs, Oklahoma is able to offer you the kind of gum disease care you need to never have to think about going through any of what Jordan has gone through. Drs. Justin and Mehrdad Emami have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping patients just like yourself get through these kinds of dental issues. 

Regardless of where you are as far as your dental health is concerned, Galleria of Smiles can help you. Call our Tulsa office at 918-302-2401 or contact our Sand Springs campus at 918-245-5976 to schedule the dental care that you need to save your smile.


The Aftermath of Jordan’s Gum Disease Nightmare

To bring everyone up to speed about Jordan and her situation, let’s take a look at what has already happened. Jordan’s problems started years ago with the relatively innocuous symptoms that often accompany gum disease. She experienced bleeding gums, and red inflamed gum tissue. 

In an effort to treat herself, Jordan began using mouthwash and flossing, but none of this addressed the bacteria that was hiding below the surface of her gum tissue. Her gum disease kept getting worse and worse until finally, she sought help from Galleria of Smiles.

We were able to solve her gum disease issues, but not all of her teeth. Gum disease took three teeth from her, and that is where our story picks up. What does she do now that she has lost three of her permanent teeth? 

If she has sought help sooner, we could have saved her whole smile, and saved her a world of issues. It never is a good idea to wait on getting your gum disease treated. Galleria of Smiles has the skills, experience, and technology to help rid your mouth of this smile-killing infection, and getting your gums back to a healthy state fast.


Jordan is Able to Get Her Great Smile Back

Jordan is beside herself these days. She still has the job, still has the car, but now no longer has the smile. Actually, to be more accurate, she no longer has the confidence to smile. The thought that when she opens her mouth people will see the open areas where teeth should be terrifies her. 

She comes in every 2 months right now to continue her gum disease treatment, and while she is in the office Dr. Justin Emami mentions to her that it is getting to the point where they should begin to think about her tooth replacement options.

Jordan’s face completely changes as she thinks about the possibility that she can get something close to her old smile back. When he realizes that she is only expecting to something close, Dr. Justin Emami tells her that she doesn’t have to hope to get close, but that she can expect to get her great looking smile back thanks to dental implants. Since she only needs three implants, her surgery isn’t very extensive. 

Luckily for her, the gum disease did not rob her of the bone mass to support the dental implants either. Dr. Justin Emami gets Jordan set up with an appointment to get her dental implants placed.

Within a few weeks, Jordan has her new smile thanks to dental implants from Galleria of Smiles and it is marvelous. The replacement teeth are stable within her smile, and she can smile, eat, and speak with total confidence in her appearance again.


Galleria of Smiles Can do The Same for You

Jordan’s story may be a work of simple fiction, but that doesn’t mean that what happened to her and for her cannot happen to you. If you have gum disease, and you wait to get the kind of treatment you need, you too can end up losing some (or all) of your natural teeth. 

You can avoid this predicament by maintaining regular attendance at your Galleria of Smiles regular dental cleanings and dental exams to keep your smile healthy. Dr. Justin Emami will identify the signs of potential gum disease and get your gums taken care well before it becomes a danger to teeth.

Even if you do lose some teeth due to gum disease, Galleria of Smiles can help you refill your smile thanks to dental implants. Dental implants can fill the void left by permanent teeth that you may have lost. Make the investment in yourself and in your smile, and call Galleria of Smiles today to get the care you need.


Call Galleria of Smiles for Your Gum Disease Treatment Today

Call either our Tulsa or Sand Springs location to get the dental care you are looking for. You can reach our Tulsa office at (918) 496-8010 or contact our Sand Springs campus at (918) 245-5976.

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