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Keep Smiling All Summer Long

June 6th, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

The official start of summer is almost here. You may be getting ready for your family vacation. You may be looking forward to days at the ballpark. You may just be happy to be out of school.

We hope that you have plenty of reasons to smile in the months ahead.

And our team at Galleria of Smiles also hopes that you and your family keep your mouths healthy, so you will feel comfortable sharing that smile.

Today, we are sharing some suggestions for doing just that throughout the summer.

And since we are speaking of healthy mouths, why not schedule a visit to our dentist office in Tulsa, OK, for a dental cleaning while school’s out. Call us at (918) 496-8010 or fill out our online form to request your appointment.

Now, on with our summer smile tips.


Enjoy A Cool Dip In The Pool

On hot summer days, nothing feels better than cooling off by going for a swim. Splashing around in the water is great fun.

Just be aware of how long you have been in the water and how much chlorine is in that water.

People who spend more than six hours in the pool per week are at a higher risk of developing swimmer’s calculus. The chlorine in the water can leave deposits on your teeth. With too much exposure to chlorine, your teeth may start to take on a yellow or brown appearance.

If you notice this starting to happen, make plans to visit our dentist office if you live in or near Tulsa, OK. In most cases, this can be removed with a professional dental cleaning.

Prolonged exposure is on only part of the risk to be aware of with chlorine. Pools with too much chlorine can damage the enamel of your teeth as well.

Before getting in the pool you can use a test strip to check the pH level of the water. Pool water should fall between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

If the pH is lower than 7, it can harm your teeth.

If you don’t have a test strip available, examine the lining, ladders, and railings for spots where the water may have eaten into those surfaces.

If you have a pool at home, a good guideline is to test the pH levels at least once per week.


Plan Ahead To Eat Healthy Snacks

As a parent, you are probably amazed by how much your kids can eat. When they are out of school, you know they are going to snack.

We love ice cream, and we hope you and your family enjoy some this summer, too. But eating ice cream or any sugary treat every single day isn’t good for your oral health. It is good for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease, however.

How often your kids snack and what they eat can have a big impact on their oral health. Taking some time to talk to your kids about what kinds of snacks they should eat can make a difference.

Find out what kinds of healthy snacks your kids enjoy. Keeping these at home will make it easier for your kids to choose them instead of chasing after the ice cream truck every time it rolls through your neighborhood.


Drink Plenty Of Water

There are many reasons to drink water, but we’ll focus on two of them for today.

First, dehydration is a real risk when the days are hotter. That’s especially true on days when you are playing a game or doing work outside. Feeling thirsty and having a dry mouth are two of the earliest signs that dehydration is starting to set in. Drinking some water regularly can help you avoid the more serious consequences of dehydration.

From an oral health standpoint, dry mouth is bad, and not just because of that sandpapery feel of your tongue. Saliva helps to remove food particles and bacteria. Without saliva, those particles can become stuck, and bacteria can thrive. This makes it more likely that you will get a cavity or gum disease.

For a similar reason, it’s a good idea to drink water whenever you are thirsty. Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, and fruit-flavored drinks can be high in sugar. Drinking water is a healthier option for your oral health.


And Remember To Visit Us

Regular dental cleanings and exams can help prevent oral health problems or identify those problems early when they are easier to treat. To plan your visit to Galleria of Smiles in Tulsa, OK, call 918-302-2401 or contact us online today!

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