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‘March’ For Oral Health: Dental Cleanings

March 3rd, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles






Your oral health is incredibly important for its own sake but also for the sake of your overall health.

Our dentist office in Tulsa, OK, will be running a special series this month to discuss ways you and your family can improve and maintain a healthy mouth. And March is a great time to remember the importance of general and family dentistry.

The first official day of Spring is later this month. Plus, March 5-11 is Dental Assistant Recognition Week, and March 6 is National Dentist’s Day.

Whether you want to give your teeth a “spring cleaning” or you want to say hi to our friendly staff, you’ve got a good reason to make an appointment at Galleria of Smiles.

Call (918) 496-8010 or contact us online to make your appointment.


Dental Cleanings Keep Your Mouth Working Well

Too many times, we take our teeth for granted. When don’t think about them when we are eating. We don’t think about them when we are smiling, and you probably don’t give much thought to how your teeth play a role in help you speak.

Anyone who has lost teeth can tell you this. You should appreciate your teeth, and you should do everything you can to keep them for as long as possible.

Following the American Dental Association’s recommendations will help you do just that. Brushing your teeth (twice a day, two minutes each time), flossing between your teeth and gums (daily), and visiting the dentist regularly are the basic things you should be doing.

You may be wondering why dental visits are important if you already brush and floss like you should. To put it simply, dental professionals will help spot and prevent problems you might notice on your own.

No one is perfect, and that means you may not clean every part of your mouth equally well in spite of your efforts. During a dental cleaning at Galleria of Smiles, one of our hygienists will remove any plaque or tartar that you may have missed.

This will reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. We think you will agree that avoiding cavities and keeping your gums healthy are good things.

And if you haven’t yet scheduled your next dental appointment, call 918-302-2401 to plan a visit to our dentist office in Tulsa, OK.


Dental Exams Can Save Your From Serious Problems

A good general rule to follow is to visit the dental office every six months for a cleaning and exam. A lot can happen in that time depending on your home oral health habits, your diet, and your genetics, which is why the dental exam is just as important as the professional cleaning.

A dental exam is your opportunity to have a trained professional take a close look at your entire mouth. It will be great if we don’t see any problems. At the same time, we want to find problems as early as possible if they are starting to develop.

Our dental professionals will be watching for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Stopping these conditions can mean the difference between getting a dental filling or losing teeth.

But that’s only part of what we are looking for.

If you make regular visits to Galleria of Smiles, we will make X-rays to monitor changes in your bite. Depending on a patient’s age, we may be watching how permanent teeth are developing, keeping a close eye on wisdom teeth, or looking for changes to your bite that could indicate other problems.

While none of us want to think about this, we also conduct an oral cancer screening. We use a VELscope to provide an advanced screening for our patients.

The VELscope uses a special light to find changes that we could not see with our eyes alone. This can help detect oral cancer in its earliest stages when treatment is much more likely to be effective.


Cleanings, Exams … & More!

Later this month, we will have more posts about other preventive services we offer as part of our general and family dentistry for our patients in and around Tulsa, OK.

Our hope is that you will make routine visits to Galleria of Smiles a part of your regular oral care routine. We want to see you smile today and for many tomorrows to come.

Call 918-302-2401 or fill out our online form to schedule your next (or your first) cleaning and exam with us.

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