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Prevent Total Mouth Destruction: Quit Using Tobacco Today!

December 20th, 2016 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

Galleria of Smiles wants you to have a smile you are proud of, but more importantly, we want you to have a smile that is problem free. That means no disease, decay, or other issues that could cause damage to your overall health. Tobacco will cause all of these things to happen if you choose to use it. 

Tobacco is simply one of the most destructive substances (as far as your oral health is concerned) you can use. Drs. Justin and Mehrdad Emami know what the effects of tobacco use are, and have the skills and experience to help you reclaim the health of your mouth. Call either of our two locations in the Tulsa, OK area. 

You can reach our Tulsa office at 918-302-2401 or contact our Sand Springs location at 918-245-5976 for an appointment today.

While our highly skilled team of dentists can help you repair the damage that tobacco does, we would much rather help you avoid them altogether. Tobacco has many harmful effects on your teeth. From discoloring your smile and causing tooth decay, all the way up to periodontal disease, tooth loss, and even oral cancer, the effects of tobacco use are not something to take lightly. Let Galleria of Smiles help you safeguard the health of your smile today.


If You Don’t Use Tobacco, NEVER Start!


  • Tobacco is Addictive – One of (if not the biggest) reasons you should abstain from tobacco use is the addictive nature it has. Tobacco contains nicotine, and once you become dependent on nicotine in your life, it is terribly hard to overcome the addiction. While the withdrawal symptoms are not as violent as more illicit substances like heroin, the need for the drug is just as strong. You will experience an intense desire for nicotine, as well as huge mood swings that will make life difficult for you and your family members. It is simply easier and healthier for everyone involved if you never start using in the first place.
  • Tobacco Makes Your Breath Smell Bad – Have you spoken to someone who smokes or uses smokeless (chewing) tobacco? Notice that their breath is not the greatest? Tobacco use will wreck how your breath smells. It may be because of the tobacco use, or the diseases that it causes, but one thing is for certain. Your breath will not be as good as it can be as long as you choose to use tobacco products.



Tobacco Causes All Kinds of Problems for Your Smile


  • Tobacco and Gum Disease – Whether using cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, gum disease is a very real danger that you face. Tobacco use in any form will damage the health of your gums and put your teeth at risk.
  • Tobacco and Tooth Loss – Once your gums are damaged, your teeth will be next unless you take steps to correct the issues. Tooth decay caused by your tobacco use will also lead to a possible lost tooth and incomplete smile. Let Galleria of Smiles help you keep the teeth you have, and save you from having to look at tooth replacement options.
  • Tobacco and Oral Cancer – This is the most sobering of all the consequences when it comes to tobacco use. Oral cancer can end your life. While a very treatable form of cancer, it still is very dangerous. Even if you survive the cancer, your body will bear the marks left by this terrible disease. Whether through the hell that is chemotherapy or the removal of the cancerous cells that leaves you with the permanent scar as a reminder.



Tips for Kicking the Habit

• Make a List of Why You Want to Quit – This list will serve as motivation for you when you feel like picking up a cigarette or putting in a, “ chew.”

• Cutting Down Does NOT work, Cold Turkey is Most Effective – One of the lies that many people tell themselves is that they will cut down until they no longer use tobacco. This almost always ends up in just as much use, and no reduction. Cut your use off immediately and don’t look back. It is the most effective way to make it through those rough first few days tobacco free.

• Talk to Other Non-Users for Support – Support is a big reason many people fail to quit tobacco. Find the support you need to stick with your quitting plan by talking to others that have gone through, or are going through the same fight you are. is a great place to go and get the tools you need to be successful in your fight against tobacco dependence.

Ready to get your healthy smile back? Call either of the two area Galleria of Smiles locations. Our Tulsa office can be reached at (918) 496-8010, and our Sand Springs office can be reached at (918) 245-5976.


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