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How Could You Straighten Your Smile? [quiz]

August 5th, 2017 |
In Blog |
by Galleria of Smiles

One in five orthodontic patients is 21 years or older, according to the American Association of Orthodontics.

It hasn’t always been that way, but new treatment options have been developed that make straightening your teeth faster, more discreet, and more comfortable. That may be why more adults than ever are taking the initiative to improve their smiles.

We offer great options for adults at our dentist office in Sand Springs, OK. We’ve even put together a short quiz to give you an idea which option might be good for you. This is not meant to replace an in-person evaluation with one of our dentists, but it could give you some ideas about how Galleria of Smiles could help you improve your smile.

If you would to take the first step in changing your smile, schedule a consultation with us by calling (918) 245-5976 or contacting us online.

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