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Trusted Sand Springs, OK dentist Dr. M. Emami and Dr. Justin Emami at Galleria of Smiles are broadly knowledgeable about several advanced fields of dentistry, which makes them the ideal dentists to diagnose and provide TMJ treatment.

TMJ is a complicated, frustrating disorder that only adds to the stress that could be causing it in the first place. If you have this disorder, it could be filling your life with symptoms like:

  • Jaw pain
  • Clicking and popping of the jaw
  • Teeth grinding and clenching
  • Gum recession

But the most life-altering symptom of this disorder can be headaches and migraines. The pain from your jaw joint can radiate outward and afflict you with unexplained headaches and migraines that can ruin your entire day.

Get TMJ relief by visiting Galleria of Smiles. We have two locations for your convenience: visit Dr. M. Emami in Sand Springs, OK dentist office or Dr. Justin Emami in Tulsa, OK dental office.

How Can Galleria Of Smiles Diagnose TMJ Disorder?

TMJ refers to the joint and complex mass of muscles where your upper jaw and lower jaw meet. When this area becomes strained, injured, or misaligned, you can suffer from TMJ disorder and need Galleria of Smiles’ help finding relief.

To diagnose your TMJ disorder, one of our dentists will assess your jaw alignment by conducting a neuromuscular exam. If you have TMJ disorder, we have a few different methods for treatment.

Orthodontic TMJ Treatment

Through orthodontics, we can change the position of your bite to get it back on track – and straighter teeth could be an added bonus! TMJ disorder is often the result of a bad bite. When your bite is off, your jaw has to extend itself in an unnatural way for you to chew, which causes stress and strain over time and can be further complicated by arthritis as you age. As you can imagine, that would create many difficulties with chewing, eating, and speaking. Avoid that by getting your TMJ disorder treated at Galleria of Smiles.

TENS TMJ Treatment

To relax the muscles of your jaw joint, we’ve invested in the J5 TENS unit and K7 system. The J5 Myomonitor TENS unit makes it possible for us to send gentle electrical pulses into your jaw joint to manually relax tight muscles. If your jaw is sore, you’ve probably massaged it with your hand to find momentary relief. TENS has the same effect, but this electrical “massage” can extend that moment of relief into an entire hour of relief. When your jaw is in this relaxed state, we can determine your jaw’s appropriate natural position with the K7 system. We use this information to create your oral appliance.

Night Guard For TMJ Treatment

Most of the strain happens overnight. You might not even realize you’re grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Not only can this prematurely wear your teeth down over time, but the added pressure can also lead to tooth fractures and gum recession. We can fit you with a custom night guard known as an anterior deprogramming appliance to align your jaw and reduce your grinding and clenching, so you don’t have to start every day with a sore jaw or headache.

Why suffer through TMJ symptoms? Let the capable dentists at Galleria of Smiles treat you by calling our Sand Springs, OK dentist office at 918-245-5976 or our Tulsa, OK dental office at 918-496-8010.

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